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NEW Class Monitor Annual Learning kit (KG 1)

NEW Class Monitor Annual Learning kit (KG 1)



Current Online / Market Price - 3500
Brand - Class Monitor
Product Description - Annual Learning kit
Suitable Age - 3.5-4.5 years
Size mentioned on the label - 3.5-4.5 years
In case of Shoes, measure and share the size of the sole in cms - NA
In case of cosmetics, mention expiry date MM/YY -
New & Unused OR Preloved - New (Not even used once)
Condition - NEW
Any Defects At All - No
Information - Topics of of kg 1 : Alphabet; sounds, Number words, Concepts of abstract numerical concepts like tall, long, short, light, heavy, left, right. Animal Classification. Rhyme's & Stories. Concepts based on Air and Water like Sinking & floating, Forms of water, water conservation. Who needs Air to live ; Human body sense organ. Community helpers ; Vehicles, Costumes, tools, place of work, head gear. Seasons
Can It Be Dismantled - No
Box Available - Yes
Location -
Can it be packed for courier and shipped easily? - Yes, Yes

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