Those looking to sell including but not limited to browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/ or contributors of content, also commonly referred here as “Sellers” are solely responsible for the accuracy of the product pictures and details entered by them for sale on  Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited


In order to get their products listed for sale, Sellers must first register on Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited. Sellers must provide accurate and complete address and contact details.


In order to get their products listed for sale, Sellers must provide pictures and a short working video (especially if the product is battery operated).

  1. Pictures to be shared from all different angels.
  2. Share a picture of the label mentioning the brand and standard size.
  3. Share pictures highlighting the design details if any.
  4. Share pictures on white background.
  5. Share pictures highlighting any defect whatsoever.
  6. For clothes, preferably, iron the clothes before clicking pictures to improve the appeal. Also, Share a picture of your baby wearing the outfit (minus the headshot), if possible (don’t worry old pictures would do too, JUST FOR THIS though).

Please note, multiple pictures showcasing all aspects drastically increase the chances of selling so please share accordingly.


In order to get their products listed for sale, Sellers must provide the relevant, accurate and complete product details including their selling price (which is INCLUSIVE of Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited’s commission), current condition of the product and all such details requested by us. Any other information which according to the seller will assist in easy sales for example measurements of cots, reclining positions of strollers, etc. may be mentioned as they deem fit. SHIPPING CHARGES depending on each product individually, will be added by us before making the post live.

Please note that all details entered must be accurate and damaged products or products with inaccurate description, will not be accepted and may be returned back to the seller, if found unsatisfactory, and all to and fro shipping charges will have to be borne by the seller for the same.

Once the sale has been confirmed, please do through our detailed instructions on PACKING & SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS.


Sellers must properly wash / dry clean all products being sold. There should not be any dust / stain on the product. Each product must also be properly sanitised with a proper disinfectant.


Once the sale has been confirmed, the sellers must pack / wrap / box pack their products as per the instructions shared. The sellers must ensure that their products are packed well in order to avoid any damages during transit by the courier / logistics partner.

Sellers must share exact three dimensions of the packages (length x breadth x height) in centimetres which is a pre requisite along with weight of the package, for booking the shipping. Any misinformation provided, which may lead to extra shipping charges directed towards us, will have to be borne by the seller.

The seller must not delay the packing, shipping and dispatch procedure beyond a week after confirmation. Unnecessary delays may lead to order cancellation.

Please note that Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited employs third party vendors for logistics to assist you and to help make this process easier for you. However, Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited will not be responsible for any delays or failure in pick ups or delivery or delivery timeline or loss / damage of package in transit. All such complaints, claims, concerns, or questions regarding third-party services should be directed to the third-party itself.


Each product shared / listed on Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited should not be listed on any other social media platforms / links / websites, etc. t and get their listing removed to avoid.


The Seller must immediately inform Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited in case the product listed on the platform is unavailable for sale irrespective of the reason behind the same. Removing the listing will avoid any unnecessary time involved in coordination and shipping charges, etc. If the same is not communicated and the seller is unable to deliver the product within the standard timeline, for any reason whatsoever, a penalty at the rate of 10 percent of the selling price of the product will be deducted by Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited from the next sale made by the seller on the platform.


Payment for the sold product will be transferred within 7 working days after it has been delivered and confirmed by the buyer. Please ensure that Sellers enter the correct Bank Account / payment details during registration. Any inaccuracy which may lead to payments being wrongly credited will not be Kiasha’s MTL Private Limited’s responsibility.


Plz note all products will be posted on the website for sale. However, for Instagram (since it has its own limitations), products will be randomly handpicked and your product MAY or MAY NOT show up on Instagram stories at all. If you are unwilling to accept this and would want your product to definitely be posted on Instagram, plz check with us regarding the express post option or book you day option if you have multiple products.